About Marston Tree

In 1998, John Marston started Marston Tree Service with only one employee, himself.  Today, fifteen years later, Marston Tree Service has grown into a thriving business concern that employs 14 full-time staff members.

When John started out, he had one fundamental principle in mind …. make the customer happy.  That principle has served him well over the last decade.  He has a long list of satisfied customers.

While beginning the business as primarily a tree removal concern, John has expanded the scope of Marston Tree Services to include a wide range of outdoor maintenance services.  Whether its tree removal, tree pruning, power line tree-limb trimming, commercial and residential landscaping or winter services such as snow plowing and removal, Marston Tree Service can meet your residential or commercial  needs.

Marston Expands:

In the last couple of years, John Marston has branched out and opened two redemption centers located in Naples and Windham.  The Naples and Windham facilities are also discount beverage centers that offer a wide selection of beers, wines, sodas, cigarettes and other snack items.  They are conveniently located just off Route 302.

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